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Tavex Collection AW 14-15: a place to discovery

14 May 2013
Tavex Collection AW 14-15: a place to discovery
Enjoy the trend directions of the new season!

AUTHOR \\ creating a radical new narrative

forward creativity for a better future: be your own editor, pure and imperfect, re-use & re-set, craft and make, de-constructed and re-constructed | do more with less: an exciting and viable case for change, 100% recoverability, with no waste, regenerative economy | 3rd industrial revolution: engagement with materials and technique, polyhedric, multi faceted, embracing new technologies, 3D printers | new thinking: looking behind the product & the history, a labour of love in a utilitarian world, infinite creations, limitless possibilities


An experiment with form and proportion. Show the making. Hybrid & handcrafted products. Show the making; the inside is as important as the outside

Key items

  • 3D folded & constructed silhouettes, softly sculptured
  • tunics & extra wide ‘kimono’ constructions
  • semi fit jackets & slim jeans with tonal print area
  • handcrafted pieces with one-off finishes
  • slightly shrunken blazers & ‘inside out’ jeans


The aspect, surface and character are the keys. Soft & imperfections. New colour shades, finishings and weft contrasts. Fabrics that add a value to the client. The palette is deliberately restrained to allow the surface to become more important: fibres, materials and finishes all contribute towards the perception of the colour. A monochrome & revolutionary vision of the traditional premises.

ENVIROMILITARIST \ protect, shelter, survive

A place of discovery: industrial meets nature. Animal and nature camouflage. Re-engaging with the natural world. Outdoor extreme: survivor mentality. Radical attitude. Protection.  Anti military | Contraposition: military protection & soft cocooning. Hard meets soft.  Mix male and female, non gender | Multi materiality. Friendly faux.


Clothing to protect against extreme conditions: layer upon layer, padded, cocooned and enveloping. Non gender specific.

Key items

  • oversized outerwear
  • multi pocketed jackets
  • hard elements combine with soft and cosy
  • rusted skinny jeans & extreme cocoon coats
  • loose fit jeans into boots


Well loved and relaxed vintage. Colour is really important here: whether overdyed, yarn dyed or added through print or patchwork. The home of hybrids: mixing fibres to achieve new handles and sustainable outcomes. Heritage meets modern techno. Interest in double cloths through wadding, padding and multiplying layers. Distressed, abraded, nicked, age accelerated techniques and destroyed finishes.

VOYAGER \ age of discovery

Fantasy and imagination: simply open your eyes and thoughts to newness. | Multi dimensional: outerspace and innerspace , the beauty of Science, under the microscope & through the telescope | Shadowed and illuminated, hallucinogenic tricks on the eye, optic brilliance | Enchantment: paranormal dimension, hidden tales, vapour, ethereal qualities, appearing and disappearing. The ground between science and superstition.


A fantasy fashion aesthetic: lean line silhouettes & contoured constructions outlining the body. Fragmented or foiled surfaces

Key items

  • streamlined stretch, exploring high elasticity
  • tough biker styles
  • flared unconstructed jackets
  • ultra slim fits & extreme curved shapes
  • decorative pieces, embossed, printed or bejewelled


Ultra matte, iridescent, sparking & shine contrasts. A variety of surfaces used together: raw, vintage and the most sophisticated denim with the latest innovations. Super stretch fabrics & renewed blendings to obtain engineered drapes. Fantasy laser wash down effects feature on blue denim, in carefully engineered on the garment creating glowing edges and emphasising garment parts. Digital prints provide allegorical impact.


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